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This page is meant to keep an overview over the activities everyone is involved in including milestones, i.e. when can we expect (intermediate) results.

Activity People involved Short Description Status Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Publication
Preference Elicitation Experiment Willem-Paul, Pascal, Alina, Joost, Wietske We investigate different ways of eliciting preferences (attributes or complete objects) and the user satisfaction with the resulting preference ordering done. submitted paper on the 24th Oct, 2008 results presentation on the HUCOM 8-9th Dec, 2008 Multi-angle view on preference elicitation for negotiation support systems, HUCOM 2008 (in the bibliography)
Expert Focus Groups Willem-Paul, Pascal, Alina, Joost, Catholijn group discussions with experts including the filmed scenarios and claims analysis done. submitted paper to INTERACT on the 30th Jan, 2009, got rejected. accepted at ECCE 2009. Design Guidelines for Negotiation Support Systems: an Expert Perspective Using Scenarios, ECCE 2009
Case Studies Willem-Paul, Pascal, Alina, Joost Diary study including a number of people that are going to buy a house or negotiate for a job. Set-up for the diary done. 10 Participants, mostly jobs. 1 housing diary study, 3 housing interviews. First data analysis done by end of november. Data used in DUO paper presented at HuCom@GDN DUO paper (see DUO modeling)
Expert Interviews Catholijn, Wietske, Pascal, Alina We will interview a number of experts in both domains to find out about: domain knowledge, their clients, the opponent and their way of working. Expert interviews done.

Notes available at Documents page.

Data collected by the end of April 2009 Presentation of first (UML) models in VICI meeting on the 16th of June. DUO paper (see DUO modeling)
DUO modeling All DUO modeling of data collected with expert interviews. DUO modeling done - - "DUO meta-model for knowledge elicitation and bidding support in NSS", 11th Group Decision and Negotiation Conference, June 2010.
Social Acceptability Study Willem-Paul, Pascal, Alina A user study using a questionnaire and the filmed scenarios to find out when and how people want to use the PN. Done. The questionnaire will be online until end of August 2009. Data analysis and writing paper in September. - "Social Acceptance of Negotiation Support Systems", USAB2010 - HCI in Work & Learning, Life & Leisure, November 2010.

Journal paper under review.

Preference Elicitation Review Alina, Pascal Literature study of preference elicitation and construction. First version done Catholijn is reviewing Submit to Decision Support Systems journal -
Literature Review Argumentation & Negotiation Wietske, Koen Literature study of use of argumentation theory in negotiation. Cancelled. - - -
Defining an Argumentation System for Preference Representation and Reasoning part I Wietske, Koen Development of an argumentation system for reasoning about lexicographic preferences, with a strategy for dealing with incomplete information. Done. Paper submission at CLIMA, 29 June 2009. Presentation at CLIMA, 10 September 2009. Wietske Visser, Koen V. Hindriks and Catholijn Jonker. Argumentation-Based Preference Modelling with Incomplete Information. CLIMA 2009.
Defining an Argumentation System for Preference Representation and Reasoning part II Wietske, Koen Extension of previous activity with more strategies and defeasible knowledge. In progress. Paper submission at KR, 1 December 2009. - -
Emotion Measurement in Negotation Context Joost, Willem-Paul What means to explicitly measure emotion are suitable in negotiation settings Setting up experiment with monopoly playing people and different measurement devices. Monopoly experiment is done, analysis planned Analysis done end of november. - -
Mobile Emotion Measurement Devices Joost, Willem-Paul What means to explicitly measure emotion are suitable in mobile environments? Ongoing, Graduation student working on variations of PAD based measurement Paper published at ACII2009 (AffectButton) Paper on variation planned for beginning of next year. -
How to explain and feedback the relation between emotion and negotiation to subjects Joost, Catholijn, Willem-Paul, John-Jules Meyer, Eva Hudlicka, Koen, Maaike Harbers (UU) How should the pocket negotiator feed back information about what happened during a negotiation affectively.(core concern versus appraisal theory) Investigating. Decison to use goal and maaike's explanation module. Integration between goal and explanation module planned for end of oktober Paper on user study and on different paper on algorithms planned for HUCOM and AAMAS workshop respectively. -
GENIUS Demo Dmytro, Wouter We develop a web-based version of GENIUS. Done. Demo trial to the negotiation group in April Demo at AAMAS'09 Demo paper in proc. of AAMAS'09
Negotiation Tournament Dmytro, Catholijn, Koen, Raz Lin We organize a tournament of automated negotiating agents for closed multi-issue negotiation: Automated Negotiating Agents Competition (ANAC). In progress. A draft of the tournament rules is ready. Test trials and qualifying rounds in April 2010 Tournament @ AAMAS'2010 (May 2010).
Preference Elicitation Interface Alina, Pascal We are working on a number of first designs for the interface for the preference elicitation. 4 designs evaluated in January 2010, 1 design for PN prototype finish implementation of PN prototype pref. interface by end of Sept 2010 usability testing of interface done before user committee meeting in dec. "User-Centered Design of Preference Elicitation Interfaces for Decision Support", USAB2010 - HCI in Work & Learning, Life & Leisure, November 2010.
User Study Preference Elicitation Detail Alina, Joost, Pascal Building on knowlegde from first HUCOM study, we investigate how much detail (ranging from thumbs-up/thumbs-down to full affective feedback and free text input) users want to give for preferences for objects in different domains Two studies are done - - "Factors Influencing User Motivation for giving Preference Feedback", Workshop on Advances in Preference Handling in Conjunction with ECAI 2010, August 2010.

2nd paper submitted to IUI conference (notification 5th of Nov 2010)

Analysis of the role of emotion in negotiation support Joost, Catholijn, JJ Meyer A review on emotion, negotiation and emotion effects on negotiation as well as potential functions for the PN Paper has been written, submitted but rejected for special issue of journal but encouraged resubmission to regular journal issue. Paper to regular version for journal end of Oktober. - -
Implementation of Argumentation System for Reasoning about Preferences Wietske, Koen, Alina? Implementation of Argumentation System for Reasoning about Preferences Not started yet. - - -
Pocket Negotiator Prototype all We are working on a first implemented prototype of the Pocket Negotiator. (Details <a rel="nofollow" class="external free" href=""></a>) Planning done, implementating end of October 2010: implementation done. end of November 2010: User Testing done. Ready to demo in user committee meeting -