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First Prototype


Based on the brainstorm session we had with the PN group (except Koen and Catholijn who could not be present), we decided on the functionality mentioned in the image. Functionality underlined in green will be considered focus for the first part. We have not yet decided on how the functionality will look like, this will be done in the next month (see planning). This is thus a functionality-based (not-user centered) view. A first module-level architecture has been sketched (see image on the right). The main application wil run on an ePC type pc format.



  • 08-Mar: User Experience (process, interface layout, general feeling, etc.)
  • 15 Mar: Detailed functionality per module and per user-function (see jpg for modules, user functions wil be know 8-th of mar)
  • 31-Mar: Interfaces between modules (data representation and process)
  • 15-Apr: Division of work between PN team and Scientific suport (Bart, Ruud, Wouter)
  • Implementation phase
  • 10-Sep: Test phase
  • 15-Okt: Prototype ready
  • 15-nov: Evaluation protoype (e.g. in class)
  • dec: User committee presentation